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Monday, 27 March 2017

The Foundation Hack That Has Saved Me Money

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer

I love online shopping, but it can prove to be quite difficult especially when you're trying to buy foundation or anything that needs to match your skin tone . I know its recommended to swatch it in person before purchasing, however a lot of stores operate online such as Glossier, Cult Beauty and ASOS (they stock products which are online exclusive as well)  which makes buying items (they do have a pop up shop in NY, but that doesn't count for anyone residing outside New York or overseas).
I've bought foundations in the past which turn out to be darker in person and a complete mismatch to my skin, and instead of binning it, I used to mix it with equally priced lighter foundations. Now this isn't something that would solve the problem for drugstore foundations as they do not offer the best shades for women who are too light or too dark, but NYX Pro Foundation Mixer has saved me from spending a lot of money when foundations are just wrong. It comes in a variety of shades named Opal, Luminous, White, Deep, Olive and Warmth which can be used to suitably adjust your foundation to the right shade, and can be perfect for when you're on holiday and your skin tone will adjust with the climate.

Buy it here for £7.50 (It was a lot cheaper when I first bought it last year)

Do you have any recommendations to adjust your foundation shade without splurging on another foundation?
NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint
A squirt of each of the above mentioned products
The mixed shade to the left, and a swatch of the NARS Velvet Matte Tint  To The Right


Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Spring Lip Edit | Lipsticks I've been loving recently

Sometimes I'm ashamed to have 30+ lipsticks of the same color and shade (usually nude pink-brown) so I took the plunge and got some shades which could pass off as red, and I'm actually really enjoying them!  The two red shades are actually international - one is Korean (3 Concept Eyes,but you can buy it at Cult Beauty ) and the second is Indian (Colorbar which I picked up when I went to India - you can buy this brand on Amazon, but its been marked up by 400%, so don't buy it for the sake of your wallet). 

I've been wearing these lipsticks on repeat and four out of five of these are new discoveries for me. They're all pigmented and stay on for a long time on your lips. The Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk has been talked about by a lot of beauty bloggers for a long time, and its worth the hype as its a nude shade that can be worn by anyone and of any shade (it may be too light for someone more darkskinned than NC 46 and may not exactly be a 'nude' lipstick ). The 3CE Lipstick is the perfect red for me (NC 40-42) as its more on the darker spectrum of red and stayed put through a burger. The highlight of my sad trip to India was probably coming across the brand Colorbar, as they stocked the most beautiful lipsticks that catered really well to my skin tone. They were on the higher end for someone living in India as its Rs.525 (approx 6 GBP), but it seems to be the average price of lipsticks in India. I still think that the Indian Beauty Market has not perfected foundation and still offers one of the worst range of foundations in the world (I never come across darker shades in India, despite the country having people who are dark skinned. I was recommended NC 36 at the MAC Counter which would obviously look ghastly on me).

RMS is another brand I've been loving and repurchasing soon. Its an all natural brand and this coconut,jojoba and argan oil based lip2cheek product looks beautiful on the lips and cheek and is perfect for the 'no makeup, makeup look'. Its not the kind of red I would usually go for as its very bright,  but I've been somehow able to pull it off . I think this would look beautiful on someone that is pale, but I'm not sure if its worth the price tag of £28. Its probably one of the best products to try out, and to get comfortable with natural beauty products. I'm hoping to try out more from RMS including the luminizer even though I don't really need more highlighters.

Beauty Bakerie - I think I've found my favorite liquid lipstick range. The packaging is stunning, it glides on well, stays on my lips after meals, and doesn't dry up my lips.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Pillow Talk £24.00
Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in 'Versailles' £16.00
3NCE (Pink Rumour Dangerous Matte Lip Colour in Cheeky Cheeky) £13.00
RMS Lip2Cheek (Colour : Beloved)  £28.00

What are your go-to lip shades for this spring? 


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Highstreet Beauty Edit | H&M Beauty

From the age of 18 to 20 my wardrobe was exclusively H&M, but my patience slowly declined with age and I couldn't fathom spending hours at H&M choosing the right pieces. Its been nearly 5 years since I've stepped inside an H&M and bought something,and I don't regret it one bit. I had heard about their makeup range in 2015, but resisted purchasing after my bad experience shopping for makeup from similar high street stores like Forever 21 (A Topshop beauty edit is on the way, and yes I do love their beauty range). Their range is affordable and the quality is comparable to high end makeup, so I don't regret spending a penny.

I thought I'd state that as much as I want to love eye shadow palettes, I don't. I'll probably get my first customised eye shadow palette for my birthday, but for now I still struggle to use all of the shades in most of my palettes bar the Stila and Zoeva Palettes. 

Infinite High Impact Eye Colour - £4.99
These single shades are perfect for me, because they're pretty much the only colours I use, and they're great for travel as they can be used as both blush (Desirous and Plum As You Are) and highlighters (Golden Light and Chin Chin). I have worn these shades for a whole day and found it long lasting with an eye lid primer. They're pigmented, blend well, and stays on for long (the shimmers more than the matte shades).

Plum as You Are, Desirous, Chin Chin and Golden Light
This beauty range is so beautiful and the shades are absolutely stunning. I have heard great things about the blush, but I'm trying to cut down on spending and I've got The Glossier Blushes for now, but they're next on my list.

Golden Light and Chin Chin

Cream Lipstick - Brunette Ambition  £7.99 Buy It Here 

If you didn't know with lipsticks, I only wear pink browns and nudes, and recently got my second red lipstain and I'm only getting comfortable with it. As soon as I saw this shade, I knew it was something I'd wear daily. These are pigmented, creamy, moisturizing  but you do need to use a lipliner as it bleeds. They're beautiful but unfortunately needs reapplying after food which is sort of expected for a cream lipstick. The packaging is beautiful but I do think these are expensive for what they are - I'll be getting a lot of wear out of it, but won't be repurchasing these purely because they do not last long. 

Golden Light and Brunette Ambition
Bruntte Ambition - H&M Cream Lipstick

Single Swatches from L to R - Brunette Ambition, Plum as You Are, Desirous, Chin Chin and Golden Light 

Rating | Cream Lipstick
Pigmentation - 4/5
Longetivity - 2/5
Packaging - 4/5
Overall - 3/5

Rating | Infinite High Impact Eye Color
Pigmentation - 4/5
Longetibity - 4/5 
Packaging - 4/5
Overall - 4/5


Friday, 17 March 2017

Hiatus - To Return On 22/3/17

I'm not sure anyone reads this blog besides my boyfriend , but I'm on a break until the 22nd of March 2017. I have been preparing posts to be published once I'm off this break as I'm currently caring for my father while he recovers from an Open Heart Surgery.

I'm not leaving blogging yet, as I'd like it to last longer than my shortest relationship.

Please follow my 'About Me' page where I have listed my blog schedule for the week commencing the 22nd :)

See you guys soon!
Mischa xx
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